Metal: Advanced Lathe and Mill

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Class #11143, Course #283

This will cover some advanced metal lathe techniques – things like power feeding, single point threading, and working with different types of metal. In addition, it will cover the manual mill including: milling bits, work holding, speeds and feeds, basic DRO usage, and machine operation. This will be a 3 hour-ish lecture (9am-12pm) followed by an individual project. The “Metal - Working with the Lathe” course is a pre-requisite. The project is optional for people with previous experience on a metal milling machine – talk to the instructor. The materials and tools required for the project is supplied, although an investment of $20-$100 in your own cutting bits will be required over time as you work on your own projects. Minimum 8 students must be registered to hold the class. Maximum of 20 may attend.


Presented by: John W

Cost: $10.00

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