Laser: Trotec Course

Saturday, December 9, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Class #11218, Course #321


This is the required course to use the Trotec laser engraver (the shiny new red one). The Trotec is faster, more reliable, and capable of engraving greyscale nuances from an image or vector file in a single pass. It is a different class of machine than the older, "Rabbit" laser that we are used to.

In order to recoup our costs, members trained on the Trotec have 2 hours of use per month included in their membership. Additional hours are billed at extra cost. (Discounted prepayments are available.) You can also reserve time on the Trotec.

Coure Prerequisites:

Requirements to use the Trotec:





Presented by: Steve T

Cost: $5.00

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