Laser: Cutting and Engraving

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 6:30 PM

Class #13440, Course #247

Learn how to make things using "frickin' laser beams"! 

You will learn how our first laser cutter (the "Rabbit") operates, how to use the Lasercut 6.0 control software, how to treat the machine and the expectations for all users. The "Rabbit" (named for the Chinese brand that made most of it's orginal components) is the oldest and largest of our laser cutter/engravers. This course is the entry point into using laser tools at Protospace, and it is required before using the Rabbit, or any of the other laser tools.

The class concludes with a hand-on walk-through of using the equipment. There is usually an opportunity for at least some participants to try cutting or engraving after the presentation. "Class time" usually runs 75-90 minutes, plus whatever additional time the participants which to spend practicing.

The course does NOT cover CAD programs or software used to create files to be cut on the laser. 

This course is open to members who meet these conditions:

If you are still a probationary member you may still attend the course if space is available, but you will not receive a laser computer login until all requirements are filled.

Questions should be sent to The course materials are updated from time to time and the current published version can be found at

Presented by: Gregg L

Cost: Free for members!

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